Pitch your Edinburgh show in 25 words or less.
Miranda: A violent whirlwind of sketches and characters…
Steven: …from one woman’s fevered brain…
David: …performed with two idiot captives against their will.
Your best Edinburgh moment?
Miranda and David: It’s our first Edinburgh, so… arriving?
And your worst?
David: Not having been there before…
Miranda: It’s probably going to be bankruptcy.
Steven: Glandular fever.
You’ve got one hour free in Edinburgh – what do you do?
Miranda: I’d go and see our show! I’ve always wondered what it looks like from the audience. Probably awesome.
David: Sunbathe – the weather’s nice up there, right?
Steven:Build a cabinet.
Which Edinburgh landmark/venue/place would you give a five star review to?
David: Underbelly, simply because we’re there – apparently, it’s the only venue in Edinburgh, and we’re the only show on.
Miranda: 22 Dudley Terrace. I lived there for a year when I was about six.
Give us a secret Edinburgh tip!
David: Munchy Box. A little bit of every greasy fast food in a pizza box. Mainly aimed at drug addicts and comedians.
Miranda: Oh sorry, I wasn’t listening, I was dreaming about the munchy box.
Steven: Try your hardest to eat and sleep, or else bad things happen.
Deep-fried haggis or deep-fried Mars bar?
David: One for mains, one for dessert. Doesn’t matter which way round, really.
Miranda: Haggis. Meat all the way.
Kilt or trousers?
David: Trousers, purely because I associate kilts with attention-seeking English men at weddings.
Miranda: Kilt. I also associate them with fit English blokes at weddings.
David: That’s not what I said.
Steven: Kilt. Definitely.
Arthur’s Seat or Arthur Smith?
David: Arthur Smith’s seat, in his living room. Lovely leather number.
Miranda: Arthur’s Seat. Wait – does it still say ‘English Go Home’ at the top?
Complete this sentence: “In Edinburgh, I will be mainly…
David: …tired, and dressed as a badger.
Miranda: …being awesome.
Steven: …in a bag.”