Edinburgh Aftermath

Well, we’re back and fully recovered from our first ever Edinburgh! Dave’s rope burn has healed, Steve’s seeing someone about his newly developed claustrophobia and I’ve been planning our next torture fest/ gig…

We’re very grateful to everyone who came and enjoyed the show and are really thrilled at the reviews we’ve had. Always one to show off – here are some of the highlights!

**** CHORTLE : ‘Flawlessly funny… Fantastic original ideas…watch before TV execs start editing out the best bits.’
**** THE SCOTSMAN : ‘An IMPRESSIVE calling card for comic actress Miranda Hennessy, this blackly funny three way sketch romp suggests the emergence of a future star.’
**** THE LIST : ‘Top 5 comedy sketch shows to see at the fringe.’
**** BROADWAY BABY : ‘full of classic comic moments and the trio have created a set that feels ready to be a hit television series.’
**** THREE WEEKS : ‘Miranda Hennessy is a force to be reckoned with, a diminutive blonde packing a powerful punch both physically and comedically…an excellent fringe debut for this talented trio.’
***** WEST END FRAME : ‘Probably three of the best comedy actors I have ever seen.’
**** INFORMED EDINBURGH : ‘Destined for some screen time’
**** FESTIVAL JOURNAL : ‘an absolute pleasure to watch…a well-tuned trio of performers who are capable of greatness.